Summer Self Care

Return to Centre: Summer Self care

Saturday June 10th 10:30-12:30   Cost: FREE

Victoria Craniosacral Clinc, Suite B – 1834 Oak Bay Ave


Summer is almost here, even if the weather doesn’t show it. Longer days and warmer nights are supporting all the green and growing things to bloom again.  It’s a time of gathering with friends, and of getting out into the world again.

Now is the perfect time to support our inner selves as we live into the extroversion of the season.

This workshop is taste of some of the energy practices I incorporate into my clinic, and into the ways I support my clients.  My intention for our time together is to provide people with the space, practice, and support to explore the resilience, brilliance, strength, and vitality that exist within each of us.

By honouring and caring for ourselves first, we cultivate a way of being that brings greater joy, acceptance, and happiness to ourselves and to all those around us.

Our time in community together will be relaxing and resourcing.  I’m intentionally keeping this group small, so that we can create a safe sacred space together.

Want to  join us ? We’d love to have you with us.

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