Support your body, experience ease.

For health & wellness.

Collaborative health.

I approach my practice as a collaboration; this means I will work with you to find your own unique felt experience of what balance means for you. I hold the physical and inner space that allows you to make potent and empowered discoveries and changes.

I provide a range of services for you and your family. From support during life transitions to helping you loosen or change patterns, I can help you with a range of services.

For wellbeing

I invite you to more fully experience a deep and transformative inner connection to wellbeing.

For balance

Sometimes external stressors, such as work pressures, recent or old injuries, or relational disharmony -to name a few- can make it challenging for us to return to balance.

Get support

Although we can sometimes struggle through these challenges on our own, at times we all need support and guidance from someone else.

Where you’re at

Whether you are looking for support in your healing journey or are wanting to further explore inner awareness and expansion, my approach and practice of craniosacral therapy will meet you where you are.