Caleb Arring is the LGBT immigration lawyer who makes Beyond Gender so rad.

Beyond Gender with Caleb Arring

In case you’re wondering, it’s arrrring, like a pirate.

I know Caleb from business. And winning. And awesomeness. He’s from San Francisco and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times. We’re developing a really great relationship and recently I had the honour of sponsoring his podcast, Beyond Gender.

It was fun to be interviewed and get recorded over the phone. I encourage everyone to listen and subscribe to his podcast.

Beyond Gender features queer and trans news and stories from the US and stuff. But it’s stuff that I care about, and it’s stuff that you care about too!

Caleb Arring is an immigration defense attorney, activist and entrepreneur… After transitioning at the age of 20 Caleb began a life of activism through educating. By sharing stories and experiences Caleb has been able to make connections with people and help them realize that trans* people are just like any other people.

Give the recent episode of Beyond Gender and the interview with Buck Angel (and me!) a listen. You’ll notice that in this episode I mention my complimentary service to trans folks. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

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